Supporting the Arts

Giving to the Jackson Arts Council

There are several ways to strengthen the Jackson Arts Council through your gifts. 

Cash donations

The most common way to contribute is through a gift of cash.

To make a cash donation, print a copy of the form at “Donate to the Jackson Arts Council,” and send it to:

Jackson Arts Council
314 East Main Street 
Jackson , TN   38301

Planned Giving

Bequests –

You may include the Jackson Arts Council in your will by simply adding a codicil to your existing will.  A bequest provides an estate tax deduction for the donor.

Gifts of Security

Gifts of security offer the same benefits as a gift of cash, but can have added tax benefits to the donor.

Matching Gifts

The human resource office at your company will be able to tell you if you have a matching gift program, which can double or triple the size of your gift to the Jackson Arts Council.

Donation Forms:


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